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1 hour 15 min duration

See Little Havana Like A Native!
Immerse Yourself In The Flavors And Colors Of Little Havana, and No Passport Is Needed!

Your tour begins with a local historian/curator and a fresh cup of Cuban coffee!  Your tourator will transport you to pre-Castro days (from 1803 to 1958), from start to finish you will learn the stories told by the natives. Visit the iconic landmarks of Little Havana from a visit to the local Cigar Factories, as Cuban cigar rollers using the same centuries-old Cuban cigar rolling techniques.  Our tourator will explain the process making of the famous Cuban cigar. 

We continue to the famous Bay of Pigs monument, where your historian will tell you some trivia facts of the Cuban/USA relation policies through the decades, that makes Little Havana so special and intriguing! Visit the first open-air farmers market in Miami, since 1960, this family sells fresh Caribbean fruits, here you can buy and enjoy real coconut water and drink it straight from the coconut!

Then off to visit the famous Domino's park and the Art Deco Tower theater, and as if that wasn’t enough, how’s your salsa dancing? Not to worry your guide will take you to one of the oldest speakeasies in Miami, from 1939, and give you some tips on salsa dancing (if the band is playing!) The tour ends with a story of a young Cuban art collector and his special Cuban art and artifacts museum. After this tour, you will have known, felt, and heard the stories of its people, and have seen it like a native!
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